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2010年12月15日 (水)

プー2011新作 予告編中の本





    Sweet, thicky and gooey honey! Pooh could eat it all day and then eat more at night. He could eat it every day of the year. In fact, he wished that a year could be twice as long so that there would be even more days for him to eat honey.
    Why did Pooh like honey so much? He didn't know. He never remembered a time when he didn't like it. He wasn't even sure he remembered trying it for the first time. Sometimes he wished he could forget liking honey. Then when he ate it, it would be a grand discovery! Oh, how delicious it would taste! But it was very unlikely that that would ever happen to Pooh. So he just continued enjoying it.
    Pooh was a bear of very little brain for sure. Just how little, no one knew. Was his head completely full of fluff? Surely there was some amount of brain inside. There was enough to get him out of bed and dressed in the morning. There was enough for him to remember that his best friend in the world was little Piglet. And there was certainly enough to ensure that he never once forgot that his favorite thing to eat in the whole world was honey!
    "Perhaps I could borrow some honey," said Pooh. His tummy grumbled. "Just a taste. A small lick, I should think."
    Christpher Robin laughed. "Silly old bear."
    And this was only the beginning...


他はプーのハチミツの話ですから、プーソロ曲"Everything is Honey"に関連するストーリーと思われます。





    He scary place and the scary woods, and all the scary things, were too scary for Piglet. "Help!" he cried as he tried to make his way back to the pit. Just then, Tigger bounced out of the woods. He called to Piglet, trying to get his attention, but alas, Piglet was runnning too fast to hear. With Tigger right behind him.

    Piglet did the best he could to get to the others in the pit! He held tight to the string as B'loon carried him though the thick forest but the Backson was still close behind, this was too much to bear for poor Piglet!










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